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Explore Gardenstone’s superb range of patio grout and adhesive. 

Patio paving is generally easy to maintain, so long as you use patio cleaners and sealants occasionally to keep things looking shipshape. However, due to wear and tear and weathering, you may need to repair the joins between your paving slabs from time to time. 

In this case, you’ll need to invest in quality patio grout. At Gardenstone, we stock a fantastic selection of paving grout, sand and adhesive for all patios, including natural stone paving, Indian sandstone, concrete paving slabs, and stone setts and cobbles.

With various colours available, you can effortlessly match your patio grout to your paving to achieve a seamless exterior design in your outdoor space. 

Our patio grout and adhesive are also ideal for laying garden edging and garden stepping stones. They form a secure bond that keeps the stone firmly in place, allowing you to create the garden design of your dreams.