How to add colour to your patio

In recent years patios are largely Grey or Beige.  Although there is nothing wrong with this, in fact our best selling colours are Grey and a Light Yellow, in my opinion, it would be fun to see more colour used within our hard landscaping.  We love to see colour in our borders and planters.  I think a bit of colour, like the warm glow of a sunrise, just makes you feel better.  So here are 5 Rogers Gardenstone products that will bring colour to your patio:

1. Siena tile– Use our Siena tiles to create a warm Mediterranean feel to your patio or sun terrace.

2. Tile on edge– Tile on edge is a decorative garden edging, ideal for borders and used within patio designs.  The warm Terracotta colour works well with darker shades of paving, bringing your patio to life.

3. Victorian tile– Victorian octagonal tiles bring colour and enhance the style and beauty of your garden .

4. Rustic brick– The Rustic brick is a replica of the old clay bricks.  The rustic brick is ideal used as a garden edging, and given it’s small size is very versatile and easy to follow winding flower beds.

5. Tudor brick– Tudor Brick Edging has the appearance of single bricks, but is in fact a row of four bricks, being 450mm in length and is ideal for creating a colourful border along the edge of your patio.

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