Create a place of sanctuary in your garden

My recent visit to Gardeners World Live June 2019 reminded me of our need to create a place of sanctuary in our gardens.  It does not matter if your garden is large or small, it is still really important to create intimate spaces where we can hide away and relax.  Our world is so busy, so a safe place to seek refuge is essential for our health.  Here are some things to consider when designing a place of sanctuary in your garden.

  1. Enclosure- a place of sanctuary ideally needs to be a space you can hide away in, so consider how it will be enclosed.  You may already have a wall or hedge on your neighbours boundary which you can use.  Brick walling, fencing and planting can all be used as screening.
  2. Style – consider what style or look you would like to create, a Mediterranean garden or English country garden, and choose the landscaping and planting to match.
  3. Seating- you could use a bench or a small table and chairs.
  4.  Pathways – design a winding path that will lead you to your place of sanctuary.  Bricks, gravels and setts may all be used
  5. Planting- choose plants that provide scent and all year round coverage.
  6. Paving- there is a wide range of paving or patio circles to choose from, but keep the area small.

Green Chippings 20mm Decorative aggregate

From £6.50 each

Old Rectory Circle 2.8m dia

From £545.00 each

Pathway setts 150 x 150

From £66.67 per M²

Yorkstone Paving

From £5.35 each

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