How to create a low maintenance garden

There is no such thing as a NO maintenance garden, but you can with careful design and product selection create a low maintenance garden.  There are a variety of reasons why you would consider a low maintenance garden, and clearly the most appropriate product selection will depend upon your own reason and requirements.  Gardenstone has a wide selection of products suitable for use within a low maintenance garden.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Style– at the design stage it is useful to consider the style of your garden.  Formal or Informal.  If you like straight lines and neat borders then a formal layout is likely to suit you more than the casual design an informal style will create.  Are you looking for a modern contemporary style or are you more comfortable with a traditional design.  This choice of style will influence your product selection, but more crucially your overall layout.
  2. Product selection– here is a list of products regularly used within a low maintenance garden:
    1. Porcelain paving
    2. Gravels and Pebbles
    3. Stepping stones and log sleepers
    4. Circle features 
    5. Cobble setts
  3. Good product combinations– mix up different hard landscaping products, such as stepping stones and gravels with a cobble sett border.  Provide height by using rockery and cobbles.
  4. Avoid you do want to avoid planting that requires a lot of weeding, pruning and watering in a dry summer.  You will want to avoid cleaning a patio every few months or picking out leaves from a gravel border.  No one minds a bit of sweeping, but having to remove algae from your paving can be a difficult and regular job.  Choose paving which does not need regular cleaning.  Avoid overhanging branches on your patio. Ideally your main patio should be in a sunny position.
  5. Construction– always prepare a firm and lasting base foundation for a patio, this will avoid movement and future maintenance.  Lay a good weed control fabric under gravels and mulch.

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