Act of kindness

John Jackson in Ecuadour 1987 during the terrible earthquake witnessed a simple scene of compassion.

He wrote:

The Face Of GOD
The line was long but moving briskly
And in that line, at the very end,
stood a young girl about twelve years of age.

She waited patiently as those at the front of the line
received a little rice, some canned goods or a little fruit.

Slowly but surely
she was getting closer to the front of the line,
closer to the food.

From time to time she would glance across the street.

She did not notice the growing concern
on the faces of those distributing the food.

The food was running out.
Their anxiety began to show, but she did notice.

Her attention seemed always to focus on three figures
under the trees across the street.

At long last she stepped forward to receive her food.

But the only thing left was a lonely banana.

The workers were almost ashamed to tell her
that was the only thing left.

She did not seem to mind to get that solitary banana.

Quietly she took that precious fruit and ran across the street
where three small children waited-perhaps her sisters and a brother.

Very deliberately she peeled the banana
and very carefully divided the banana into three equal parts.

Placing the precious food into the eager hands
of those three younger ones
one for you, one for you, and one for you
she then sat down
and licked the inside of that banana peel.

In that moment, I swear,
I saw the face of God.

Maybe a simple act of kindness is all that
is required to change the world.