Christmas 2015 Part two-Alfred Delp

Alfred Delp wrote these amazing words in a Nazi prison Christmas 1944 waiting his execution date.
        Space is filled with the noise of destruction and
annihilation, the shouts of self assurance and arrogance,
the weeping of despair and helplessness.
                But just beyond the horizon the eternal realities
stand silent in their age old longing. There shines on us the 
first mild light of the radiant fulfilment to come.
                From afar sound the first notes as of pipes and
singing children, not yet discernible as a song or melody.
It is all far off still, and only just announced and foretold.
But it is happening. This is today. And tomorrow the angels
will tell with loud rejoicing voices, and we shall know it
and be glad, if we have believed and trusted in ADVENT.