Church Cottage and the Rest

February 1963 saw myself and brother Terry just about coping with the terrible weather during the 62/63 winter, looking back over those years I still cannot believe I managed to purchase Church cottage on the 28th February 1963 for £1200 this completed the main site at Drayton-St-Leonard. The purchase of the small thatched cottage, opposite the works site named the Rest, was completed on July 24th 1967 for £3400, this gave the company more storage area. The Rest also became a home for myself and Sheila my future wife when we met in October and married in March 1968.

Adjacent to our site was a derelict Non Conformist Chapel built in 1880, this was sold without going on to the open market, the developer who then made it his home then spent the following six years complaining about the noise and dust emanating from the concrete works. The property eventually came on to the market, which the company purchased, allowing us to stop the complaints, this completed our property transactions in Drayton-St-Leonard until we sold the complete site for housing development in 1995.

Selling the site, concluded 37 years of development and production of something like 30 million concrete products in this very small Oxfordshire village. The difficult move, allowed the company to continue at our Wareham and Faringdon works, and the village to enjoy a more peaceful future!