Completion of Drayton St Leonard site 1963

After all the difficulties experienced erecting the Emmetts building and continuing to develop our small business, the extra land acquired gave us far more space but still not enough road frontage to complete the overall site. Church Cottage opposite the site owned the final strip of land frontage, a small garden 30×10 yards joining the original Jones land purchase, this would complete the site.  After many journeys to Birmingham visiting Mr Sturdy the owner of Church Cottage I managed to persuade him to sell the cottage and garden for £1200, contracts were completed on the 28th February 1963. All the negotiations were carried out during the worst winter in living memory.  The summer of 1963 saw the development of the site and the erection of our first production building I then started on the long drawn out battle with the planning authorities it was finally resolved in 1969 certainly a situation that could not be entertained today.  Looking back over the years I am still amazed we were allowed to continue the business, maybe miracles do happen after all.