Fathers early life

My father was born on the 22nd of June 1893 and his father died when he was just three years old, being one of six children life became extremely difficult with very little money in the household. At eleven years old my father won a scholarship to a better school but the family could not afford the fees so he left school aged fourteen.   Dad was then apprenticed to an engineering works in Caversham,  Reading.   This obviously gave him a good training so when war broke out in 1914 he entered the navy as an engine room artificer.

He often told stories of his experiences, he never could get used to grown men fighting in the streets of Reading for their weekly wage packets. Another story he told me, was the skilled lathe turner turning the 5ft diameter pistons for the Titanic when the lathe cutter broke and hit the spinning piston which took the man’s eye out.   Through that experience the engineers thought the Titanic would be an unlucky ship, how right they were.