Fathers WW1 service

My father became an engine room Artificer at the age of eighteen and spent most of his war on the Russian convoys.  He was only eighteen years old when he arrived by train at the port of Harwich, it was late in the evening.  He was rowed in pitch black conditions to this huge dark ship HMS Danae.   I find it difficult to imagine how dad must have felt climbing up the wet rope ladder hanging from the side of this imposing ship and climbing on board. Arriving on board he was given a hammock and told to settle down for the night.
Early in the morning dad and the crew were eating breakfast when suddenly there was a huge explosion dad said was this normal and the Chief Engine room Artificer said in no uncertain terms get up that ******* ladder before they close all the hatchways. On deck the remaining crew realised the ship had been cut in half by the Admirals destroyer they then floated in very rough seas for about 14 days as father said, a great introduction to the Royal Navy.