First brochure 1963

Returning from our Faringdon site I listened to Mozart Eine KleineNachtmusic[ a little serenade ] the music reminded me of the small wooden box containing a record player and two LP Smetana Ma Va Last and Mozart recordings. All played at the kitchen table whilst developing the first Rogers Gardenstone brochure, March 1963. It was late January 1963, most roads were clear except for huge snow drifts piled high on verges, the roofs viewed from the kitchen table were still covered in very white snow and hoar frost. Every day I would look in vain to see those first tell tale signs of melting water dripping from the long icicles. It would still be another 40 days before we would see the first signs of a thaw March 8th 1963.

Every year for nearly 60 years we have spent many long hours creating price and product information, the products are similar but there has been a paradigm shift in the way information is processed. From handwritten boards outside the Drayton St Leonard factory to fantastic colour photographs and videos on the internet using electromagnetic waves. Yet in one sense nothing has changed because the first paragraph in the very first brochure still applies.

” The terrace or patio has always been a long established feature of gardens or house design. The idea of an open air extension of the living room was first seen in early Greek villas and then lavishly developed by Roman civilisation. The terrace was then redeveloped after the dark ages and has been present ever since.” Feb 1963.