First lorry experiences- June 1958

June 1958 I was not producing enough concrete paving to justify the running costs, so I started selling horse manure, bagged firewood and general haulage.  In the summer I bought 60 tons of beech tree tops from the landlord of the black horse public house at Ipsden heath Woodcote (Oxfordshire). I duly proceeded to cut these into cord lengths using my dads’ homemade billhook and bow saw (Sandvik blades the best in the world).  I remember one beautiful evening, mum, dad, brother Bernard and
his wife Ann arriving in the woods to support me, it was then I realized what an amazing family I had, they could not help physically but the moral support was more than enough.  After hiring a Ferguson tractor with rear hydraulics and a 24″circular saw blade a local guy Frank Davis worked with me cutting the corded timber into 9″ logs ideal for log burners, I now had three products to sell
using the lorry.