Get Ahead Competition 1961-part one

During the month of November 1960 an article appeared in the Daily Mail advertising a competition for entrepreneurs called Get Ahead, I duly filled the application form ref no 430 and returned to the Daily Mail Northcliffe House London and waited for a possible reply.



After much soul searching in January 1961 I left the security of Harwell UKAEA and said goodbye to hangar 10.2 and the reactors Lido and Dido.  For three months I delivered milk for Wallingford Dairies starting at 3.30 am and finishing the round at 9.30 am six days a week enabling me to receive a weekly wage and manufacture concrete products full time.  55 years later I can still feel the terrible tiredness and falling asleep in the open door milk float, I can also remember  returning home for breakfast and the excitement opening a letter from the Daily Mail.