Lenten thoughts

During this special  time of the year, I often think of the carpenter dying on the wooden crossbar, and of all those absent friends, reading Gerard Hughes writings I came across  a paragraph that gave me great hope.  The inner journey is of interest to everyone and of importance, not just for the individual, but for the whole human race, because each of us is in this  world, but we also contain the world within us. “when a baby throws its rattle out of the cradle, the planet rocks, “We are miniscule parts of a vast interlocking system dancing through space, affecting and being
affected by everything around us.  Our partners are not only all other human beings, animals, plants and inorganic particles of this world, but also all the stars and planets of the heavens. Whether or not we believe in an after-life, whatever our belief or disbelief in a theology or ideology, the world as long as it exists, will always bear the imprint of our journey through it, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, for its health or its sickness, its life or its destruction. And death cannot cancel out the change which our living effects.          Gerard Hughes 1991