A lesson for life- part two- learning to walk again

For many months I experienced a painful neck and tingling in my hands and feet, after many visits to doctors and two consultants the diagnosis always seemed to be unclear. Little did I know this was the start of my long journey with cervical myelopathy a fairly common condition that can lead if not treated to paralysis.

After using a very large heavy axe to split logs, I suddenly experienced severe chest pains, thinking it might be a heart attack, an ambulance was called and I was taken to the trauma unit of the John Radcliffe Oxford.  Five days elapsed before an MRI scan revealed at C3 and C4 a disc was beginning to rupture my spinal cord, this was creating all my problems, I had great difficulty walking, writing or even holding a teacup, my bladder and bowel function was also impaired all classic signs of cervical myelopathy. Waiting for the operation to release the pressure on my spinal cord, the surgeons impressed on me the procedure was being done to stabilise my situation and any improvement was a bonus, the final reminder of the seriousness of the operation was pre-surgery I signed a form accepting the possibility of paralysis.

Looking back on my recovery I can only be extremely grateful to the skill of my surgeons and hospital staff. I live with hope and continuing improvement and I have been made very aware of human vulnerability and the need to offer hope to people we meet in similar circumstances.  I continue to make a slow steady recovery, I am now able to walk up to 4 miles though with painful legs and feet, every day I am reminded of the spider and the phrase:

“If you at first do not succeed try try again”