March 1959-Morris Minor Pick Up

1959 became a very busy year.   I purchased my very first new vehicle, a Morris Minor 1000 pick-up truck from Morris Motors Oxford. The building has now become the law courts opposite the Oxford main police station, the purchase was made possible through my very many car dealings, this however, is another story.
On my 21st birthday I passed my PSV driving test enabling me to drive Tappins coaches to Harwell morning and evening saving my return bus fare.  My working day now began with 5am milk round, 7.30am Tappins coaches, 9.00 am start UKAEA return home, during summer months paving production and deliveries became the norm.  The winter months enabled increased production of wooden tray moulds giving a maximum production of 80 paving per day.  March 1959 the company was one year old and it was around this time my younger brother Terry decided he would help manufacture paving slabs, enabling me to deliver and obtain further orders. This relationship continued for another 10 years until he started his own very successful reclamation business.