Mrs Beaumont

My grandfather died leaving my grandmother and six children, 5 boys and 1 girl at the at the very young age of 43 cause of death I believe was rheumatic fever.  Dad was the youngest child only 2 years old, I cannot imagine the desperation within the family No social service, just the very real prospect of the workhouse or with luck the local orphanage.

Thankfully grandmother was extremely resourceful and was able to develop the family hardware shop and continue to bring up the children, luckily they also had a fairy god mother in the form of Mrs Beaumont a great aunt, she was very wealthy and able to give financial and moral support.  When aunt died she was able to leave all four boys £1000 each and sister Mable £2000,brother William had become a RFC pilot in the first world war and had tragically been killed test flying a new De Havilland.

My father and two other brothers invested their inheritance in Rogers Brothers Henley the local foundry, within 2 years of struggle against the aftermath of the war and the start of the thirties depression the business filed for bankruptcy, all monies were lost and dad was penniless, my mother with her very small savings paid for their wedding.

No wonder my father and mother were risk averse, Bankruptcy the 1930 Depression , part time working at Morris Motors and the 2nd World War.  Interestingly 50 years later UKAEA harwell no longer has working nuclear reactors it is now a large business park and I still have a dream’.