Mrs Beaumonts story- 1890

My fathers aunt was an amazing person who became engaged in England to a mechanical engineer.  Soon after the engagement her fiance emigrated to Australia looking for work, promising to send the return sea crossing as soon as he found employment.  In 1890 the fare duly arrived and aunt boarded a tea clipper bound for Perth Australia. The sea crossing was three months and in that time she fell in love with Mr Beaumont a young mining engineer, they were married on board by the ship’s captain and spent the following three years prospecting for gold in Kalgoorlie.  We do not know what happened to her fiance, hopefully he met someone else.  During those three years they joined forces with two other prospectors and found a substantial gold seam,prospecting life was extremely hard and aunt and her husband sold their share and returned to England.  Mr Beaumont on his return became a stockbroker and this enabled aunt to support my fathers family and when she died my father and his brothers were left £1000 each.