Quality- Wallingford Market Square

Walking in Wallingford (Oxfordshire) market square I was reminded how privileged we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by magnificent buildings, the corn exchange, town hall and many Tudor and Georgian buildings.  Twenty years ago the market square was redesigned, all walkways were relaid with worn reclaimed York paving, the market square was transformed.
Five years ago damaged paving stones were replaced with a national renowned product, surprisingly the product has worn very badly compared against the York stone. The surface fines have completely disappeared leaving exposed white spar aggregate, this could have been avoided by using more cement in the mix or by using Rogers Gardenstone products.  Our original York paving was laid 50 years ago in a terrace opposite our old Drayton St Leonard factory, if you walk past the house today the surface on the paving is as good as the day it was laid, this suggests to me Hand Crafted is far superior to machine batch mixed products.