Eating Romanesco broccoli and seeing them on the plate makes you feel better. Research has revealed Romanesco broccoli is the ultimate Fractal vegetable, the plants natural patterns induce a feeling of well being, using brain scans doctors saw people who looked at these types of fractals obtained a higher activation of the alpha band in the brain indicating an extremely relaxed state.
The patterns seen in Romanesco are also seen in ferns, trees gardens and landscapes. Humans are still hunter gatherers whose natural habitat is the outdoors, being physically inactive and sometimes socially isolated can contribute to cell damage in the body, the release of inflammatory markers, the onset of diabetes, anxiety and heart disease are all too common.  Researchers believe the NHS should invest in gardening programmes helping us to connect with the environment we
are designed to be in as hunter gatherers.
Rogers Gardenstone manufacture two plaques, with the words set out below, which support the beliefs I have had all my life.

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer to gods heart in a garden
Than any where else on earth

On these words I rest my case BJR .