Starry Night

I must have been woken by two hooting tawny owls, one in the old sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden, the other in the water meadow willows: the male had just given a drawn out hooh followed by a quivering eery hoooh hoooh, the female followed with a screeching kewick kewick.  During this very special moment my eyes were drawn to the SW and my favourite constellation Orion the hunter striding across the night sky. On the northern side of the house we have a 1000 acre ploughed field and above shone Ursa Major [the Plough] in all its majesty.  The thought process started me thinking of the earth, its companion planets and our sun just a small part of the 100 billion stars making our galaxy which is only one of at least 200 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Yet looking up into the night sky in all its mystery and beauty I felt we humans are all children of our wonderful creator God.