Stone circles part two

The thought process started when walking the streets of Norwich looking at small gardens and the hundreds of ideas producing great spaces. It was around 1985 I began to realise, gardens often created a simple centre piece, a small tree, bird feeder, sun dial and sometimes gravel, wood or square slabs, but never stone circles.  My UEREKA moment came sitting by a very small circular paddling pool in Tenerife seeing small square slabs cut either end to create coping. The question came why not create a system of hand crafted concrete slabs producing a small or large circle, the idea was born.

Two years passed before Richard had created the masters and moulds in our Wareham design studio. 1987 saw the production of our first stone circles named MILLSTONES and by 1993 other concrete manufacturers stared to copy our designs. The turn of the new millennium year 2000,  Indian stone circles were also being imported into Britain.  Now sadly we are awash, often with poor quality copies.  Using the internet I now realise stone masons were creating very simple systems in the nineteenth century for Gertrude Jekyll garden designs.  Maybe no idea is ever original we just build on the shoulders of better people who have trod the path of knowledge before us.