Create a charming patio area with the warmth and beauty of terracotta tiles.

The terracotta tile, meaning “baked earth” in Italian, has been widely used across Europe and Asia for thousands of years. It is incredibly durable and naturally strong. Terracotta tiles can also be sealed to make them water-resistant and withstand many weather variants. 

Of course, outdoor terracotta tiles are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Their natural appearance looks fantastic in traditional and contemporary homes, and warm, baked colours vary from rich browns and reds to earthy yellow tones. 

Given these colours and the materials' extensive use across typically hot and sunny climates such as the Mediterranean, it’s no surprise that terracotta tiles are often used to achieve the look of charming European homes. At Gardenstone, you’ll discover a superb range of outdoor terracotta tiles for your property in various colours and styles to suit your taste. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional-style patio paving with random terracotta tiles or an eye-catching focal point with our stunning Victorian floral tiles, terracotta paving will work in tandem with our garden edging and other natural materials and textures, including wood, stone, and foliage.