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Terracotta Octagon Patio Kit

£350.00 (£420.00 Inc VAT)
Available In 2 - 4 weeks
The Terracotta octagon patio kit is perfect for creating a feature in your garden or integrated as part of your patio.  Available as a 2.1m octagon kit.  The terracotta octagon patio compliments the Terracotta Tile Old Provence.   

Bring the Mediterranean to your back garden by using the Terracotta Octagon Patio Kit to build a statement feature. Available as a 2.1m octagon kit. The terracotta octagon patio compliments the Terracotta Tile Old Provence. This kit can be used on its own or as part of your patio. Each tile is handmade by experienced craftsmen, creating a range of reclaimed antique terracotta tiles.

  • Hard-wearing and frost resistant, perfectly suited to the UK climate.
  • Reconstituted stone tiles with a riven surface and hand-cut natural edges.
  • Suitable for: Paving circle, Feature.
  • Displays terracotta colouring and a Mediterranean style, perfect for contemporary and traditional garden designs. We would always recommend you see a sample to confirm the colour and texture.
  • Handmade in Shropshire, UK.

Terracotta octagonal patio kit 2.1m contents:

Centre piece  420mm – qty x 1

Wings  210mm  – qty x 32

SF   Small Filler  210mm x 180mm – qty x 8

MF  Medium Filler  210mm x 265mm – qty x 16

LF   Large Filler 210mm x 360mm – qty x 8

Total no. of pieces in the pack – 65

Design Ideas

For more information and ideas read our Guide to Laying a Circular Patio

Borders– use setts or edging to border the octagonal patio.

Rustic brick- why not edge the octagonal patio with a row of rustic bricks .

Create a raised stone circle feature by building a raised step for each ring of segments.  A classic design, and ideal for installing a centre piece feature such as a garden urn

Made in the UK

Handmade in the UK

Our reconstituted stone products are handmade in Shropshire, UK, using a mix of aggregates, cement and colouring.  Made from high-quality concrete and reinforced with polypropylene fibres for added strength.  The production process uses traditional techniques of mould casting that have been perfected over the last 70 years.  All our handmade products are frost resistant and are ideal for our UK climate.

Terracotta Octagon Patio Kit | Proudly Manufactured in Britain
Weight (KG) 512.00 kgs
Suitability Paving Circle
Style Traditional, Timeless
Thickness 30mm
Calibrated No
Material Concrete
Edge Finish Handcut / Natural
Surface Finish Riven/Natural


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