Stone Circles

My son Dominic reminded me, the blog started last year had slowed to a snails pace, in fact for a few months it may have died completely. To ignite my enthusiasm I revisited ROGERS GARDENSTONE
web site and realised how honest and informative the site had become; looking at recent posts one fabulous photograph caught my eye it was a fine example of a superb five ring 15 ft York stone circle framed by two oak chairs and an oak period gate to the rear of the shot, it looked great.  I was reminded again just how difficult it was to design and develop those large width radial stone segments so unusual from the myriad of smaller segments being sold in the market today.  I am really proud to be able to make the following statement.  It is my belief, Rogers Gardenstone a small company in Oxfordshire became the first to design, develop and manufacture a large scale production system of concrete stone circles anywhere.