The Beast from the East

1st March the meteorological  first day of spring, also St David’s day. The astronomical first day of Spring starts on the 20th March and finishes 21st June 2018, the anomalies are due to earths orbit around the sun and the earths axis being at 23.5° degrees.

Looking out on the garden on what I believe to be the first day of Spring, it looks more like the Russian tundra in winter. At present we have about 6 cm of snow and the east wind or as we are now informed THE BEAST FROM THE EAST is creating a blizzard across the orchard. Devon and Cornwall  are on red alert for snowstorms and blizzards.  My dear friends the daffodils and snowdrops are black and flattened, thank goodness warmer weather has been forecast for Sunday the 4th March.

THIS Amazing spell of cold weather takes me back to December the 28th 1962 at 6.30 pm the beginning of the worst winter for 200 years.

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Main photograph was taken for the Galway Daily-Local News