Winter 1962/63 – part two

Cold air became firmly established on the 29th December 1962,blizzards developed in the south west of England where 20ft snowdrifts became normal, roads were blocked for weeks and the railways were unable to operate normal services for many days.  The average temperature in the south of England for January 1963 was – 2 centigrade and in late January the sea froze for 1 mile in Herne Bay Kent, on the 22nd January cars were being driven across the river Thames at Oxford. Rogers Concrete shut down from the 20th December to March 6th during this time house builders and construction sites were also closed.  Brother Terry and I were the only employees of the company and because no products were sold or produced for at least 12 weeks no wages could be paid, very difficult times indeed.  54 years later my memories of that disastrous business episode and the terrible winter still effect my mood during the months of January and February.  Imagination can take hold when I see the blocking high over Europe and the Barometric pressure over 1045.  It is then I hold on to the words of Julian of Norwich a 14th century mystic:

  “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”