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Gravel, chipping and pebbles from Gardenstone.

Gardenstone’s superb range of gravels includes large and small grains, with chipping and pebbles in various natural hues to suit both traditional and contemporary gardens or commercial spaces.

Garden gravel is ideal for use as an alternative to paved driveways or paths, where its texture and colour naturally attract the eye. You can also use gravel for edging paths and driveways, working in tandem with your garden paving, stepping stones and garden edging to create one fluid, seamless and aesthetically pleasing design. 

Our aggregate will add character to your garden, but it’s also incredibly practical. Our garden pebbles and gravel are helpful for wet areas to prevent puddles from forming, while they work exceptionally well as an attractive addition to water features and rockeries. 

Other garden gravel ideas include laying the aggregate as a border to patio circles or octagons, where the varied shapes and textures stand out against the smooth surface and clean lines of your paving.

Our gravel, chippings and pebbles are available in Handy Bags or Bulk Bags. Two handy bags will cover one sqm to a depth of 25mm, while a bulk bag covers 22 sqm at 25mm depth and 11 sqm at 50mm, which provides a good spread across your gravel garden.