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LTP Ferrex Patio Cleaner & Rust Remover - 1 Litre

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LTP Ferrex removes rust breakouts, cement and mortar on natural stone and patio flagstones. For interior and Exterior use.

Natural stones often contain traces of Iron, which may oxidise when they come into contact with moisture either from rain or cleaning.  It can also occur when stone comes into contact with certain acid-based cleaners that contain ingredients that can accelerate the oxidisation process.

The result of this oxidation is that the stone develops rust and discolouration (brown staining).

LTP Ferrex is specifically formulated to help remove these blemishes.

For single spots of rust use LTP Rust Stain Remover.

  • Not suitable for use on acid sensitive surfaces such as highly polished natural stone,  limestone, marble enamal, zinc or other acid senstive metals and materials.
  • Some stones may become slightly darker following application.
  • Removes Rust outbreaks from Ferrous hard stones.
  • For use on Sandstone,granite and Slate
  • Acid based stone cleaner.
  • For interior & exterior use.

Extremely severe cases - approximately 10 m² Per Litre
Severe cases - approximately 20 m² Per Litre
Mild cases - approximately 30 m² Per Litre

Important: Test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application.

Weight (KG) 1.00 kgs
Suitability Patio, Path
Material Cleaning Agents
Indoor, Outdoor Outdoor


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