The front garden path is an important part of your overall home and garden design.  It is often said, first impressions count.  So why would you not spend as much care to detail on your front garden path as you would your kitchen?  The feel and look as you approach your front door, will influence the nature of the welcome to your home.  There are a variety of design themes a front garden path can take.  Here are 5 for you to consider:

  1. Victorian front path- typically a straight tiled path leading directly to the front door.  Use our Victorian rope top edging to border the path.
  2. Formal design - may include large flagstones edged with bricks.  A row of lavender would provide structure and scent.
  3. Gravel path- there are wide choice of gravels, choose a colour tone that will compliment the house style.  Edge with one of our many path edgings to keep the gravel from spreading.  Do not run the gravel right up to the front door, leave some space for some paving or tiles.
  4.  Contemporary -  a mix of grey granite setts and black limestone paving creates a modern approach to your home.
  5. Traditional brick path- lay rows of individual bricks, either straight or in a basket weave pattern.  Take a look at our rustic brick and clay pavers.