We have all embraced whatever outdoor space we have at home during the pandemic, but if you’re not fortunate to have acres of lawn to enjoy, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of a small patio area, so you can sit out and enjoy a coffee or a beer in the sun in ratline luxury. From cosy al fresco dining areas to a chilled outdoor living room, or a spot to stretch out in the sun with screens to help keep your patio private, we have a look at some ideas to help transform any small outdoor space.

Soften up boundary walls with greenery 

You will want some sort of fence or boundary around your small patio for privacy, but when space is at a premium, huge fences and walls may only serve to make the space feel smaller and enclosed. A simple solution to soften up boundary walls is to use greenery such as climbers to disguise a fence or wall, or even develop a vertical garden or living wall.

Make a small patio more interesting with tiles

Not everyone has green fingers, and dead or dying plants are not aesthetically pleasing, so instead, why not try stylish tiles to add interest? A wall covered in a mosaic of colourful and stylish tiles will make the space feel brighter and lighter, and more pleasant to be in.

Throw down a rug for an outdoor living room feel

Outdoor rugs are literally and figuratively having their moment in the sun, as people seek ways to make their patios into outdoor living rooms. Bring this trend to your patio by adding a large area rug - as big as your space can handle, and place your furniture on top.

Turn a small patio into an outdoor dining area

Small patios lend themselves to cosy and stylish outdoor dining areas very well. Choose a compact dining set that won’t fill the patio, as you still need to be able to move around, and let light and airflow. Use billowing plants to soften the boundaries, or raised planters for a similar effect.

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