A large number of the homes in the UK are traditional Victorian Town Houses.  Typically the property will have a very visible front garden centered around the pathway leading to the front door.  The rear garden space is often small and rectangular in shape.  Both garden spaces if designed well, combined with the right product choice will enhance your Victorian Town House Garden.  Give some thought to your priorities.  Are you wanting to use the space to entertain?  Or is your priority to create a small oasis in the middle of the town, so you can retreat from hectic urban living?  It is possible with good design to achieve both.  Also don't forget to plant up some pots to grow your own strawberries or summer lettuces.

Your front garden path will be enhanced with our range of Victorian path edgings.  The red brick Victorian Town House Garden lends itself to a traditional terracotta brick courtyard design.  Lay your patio using traditional worn town flagstones mixed up with terracotta tiles.  A well selected and positioned patio circle, bordered with rustic brick paviors will create the illusion of a larger garden space.