Whether enhancing an already rustic cottage garden or trying to bring some traditional vibes to warm up a clinical new build garden there are some tried and tested Vintage Garden Ideas to gain instant success. A vintage garden isn't supposed to be clean and perfect, but more so an eclectic mix of focal points and textures. Unlike a clean contemporary landscape, a vintage garden should blend multiple styles to create a tapestry that reflects the owners of the space.

Garden Edging

Traditional garden edging is great cost effective way to make a space look instantly more mature. There are now many concrete replica products that give the look of expensive reclaimed originals at a fraction of the cost. Garden edging gives defined lines between different areas of a garden, such as decorative gravel, lawned areas and rockeries.

Top 5 Garden Upcycling Ideas

Quite often in life the simple ideas are the best and there are many low cost items that can be upcycled to enhance a vintage garden, of which here are our top 5:

1 - Bicycle

Ever present in chaotic vintage gardens, the humble old bicycle painted off white and usually missing a wheel is ideal for adding that instant olde worlde vibe to any space.

2 - Wooden Ladders

On the same level as the bicycle, old wooden ladders with some messy paintwork and dubious functional value are a must have for getting that vintage garden ambience just right.

3 - Suitcase Planter

Less obvious than the first two ideas, the suitcase planter can really work well in a border to break up the foliage and add some intrigue. The symbolism of once being a traveller and now staying at home adds a deeper level to this garden upcycling idea.

4 - Watering Can

Rusty old metal watering can = instant vintage garden look. Every traditional garden has one somewhere, raid your local reclamation yard if yours hasn't!

5 - Crockery Planters

Like the suitcase, using old crockery to create a loosely themed group of planters can become a real feature in a vintage garden. Teapots, vases and jugs all planted up together in a mix n match fashion adds real quirkiness to a garden design.

Patio Circle

If you're looking to create a feature space within a vintage garden then a patio circle is wonderful way to achieve this. A table and chairs with a good mix of planters is a solid starting point for traditional garden success.

Traditional Patio

Replacing the typical plain paving slabs found in new build gardens with some traditional riven finish flagstones is a great way to bring character and warmth into an outdoor space. For a premium finish look up reclamation yards for original Yorkstone paving slabs, but just like garden edging there are now plenty of concrete replica flagstones that look just like the originals. As soon as they're laid these patio slabs look like they've been there for decades and have seen thousands of footsteps. Combine a new traditional patio with our top 5 garden upcycling ideas above and the recipe for a great looking vintage garden is pretty much there!