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Explore Indian sandstone paving from Gardenstone.

Indian sandstone is popular for outdoor spaces thanks to its durability, affordability and visual appeal. Ethically sourced from the quarries of India, Indian sandstone slabs are known for their rich colours and unique patterns, making each piece completely unique. These natural variations in the stone aid in creating a stunning aesthetic that adds depth and character to any garden.

At Gardenstone, you’ll find our Indian sandstone paving available in our Traditional, Contemporary and Timeless styles in a wide range of colours, including:

  • Brown Indian Sandstone
  • Green Indian Sandstone
  • Terracotta Indian Sandstone
  • Grey Indian Sandstone
  • Charcoal Indian Sandstone
  • Cream Indian Sandstone
  • Buff Indian Sandstone
  • Sand Indian Sandstone
  • Light Grey Indian Sandstone
  • Silver Indian Sandstone
  • Pink Indian Sandstone

Regarding durability, Indian sandstone is a popular choice for high-traffic areas thanks to its robust and hard-wearing composition that’s resistant to wear and tear. These properties make Indian sandstone slabs ideal for patio paving and walkways, and thanks to the stone’s low porosity, swimming pool surrounds.

If you’re searching for products to finish off your patio project, please browse our extensive range of garden edging and gravel, chipping and pebbles.