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Random Stepping Stones - Pale Cotswold

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The Random Stepping Stones are a reconstituted stone product, now made in Shropshire, in the UK. Perfect for creating a winding path through the garden. The frog shape was inspired by the traditional stepping stones used in ancient Japanese gardens, associated with creating a space of calm and tranquillity. Therefore, a popular choice amongst many UK gardeners.

*New Improved Colour 2021 

Up to 500x400mm 
Diameter: 400-500mm Approx
Total Cost:

We recommend adding 10% extra just in case to allow for breakages, cuts and measurement inaccuracies.

These timeless stepping stones come with a riven textured finish, inspired by Japanese gardens. The Pale Cotswold Random Stepping Stones can be used to create dry garden borders or to complement Japanese styled gardens.

    • Hard-wearing and frost resistant, perfectly suited to the UK climate.
    • Riven textured surface finish with tumbled edges, perfect for winding garden paths, dry garden borders, lawns, within gravel garden paths and Japanese inspired gardens. When laying across a lawn, ensure that the slabs finish just below the surface for easy mowing.
    • Pale Cotswold displays a subtle blend of pale yellows and light browns.
    • Handmade in Shropshire, UK.
    • Single sided.
    • Up to 500x400mm 
    • New Improved Colour 2021 - May have slight shade variations if matching with previous orders.
    • 4 Faces/Shapes for a natural variation

Design ideas

Winding garden path- use the Japanese stepping stones to create a random winding path through a covered rose walkway, or sunk into the garden lawn. Allow the grass to just cover the edges and rotate the stones to create a random appearance.

Dry garden borders- the stepping stones can be set randomly within a gravel border, mixed up with pebbles and cobbles. Use planting that does not require regular watering such as cactus and various grasses.

Japanese garden- use the irregular stepping stones set within decorative aggregates and ornamental planting. Ideal for a crossing through a decorative pond, raise out of the water so that only the surface edges are visible.

Random Stepping Stones - Pale Cotswold | Proudly Manufactured in Britain
Weight (KG) 11.00 kgs
Suitability Path
Indoor, Outdoor Outdoor
Style Traditional, Timeless
Thickness 34mm
Calibrated No
Material Concrete
Edge Finish Antique / Tumbled
Surface Finish Riven/Natural


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