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Rustic Tudor Brick Garden Paver

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The Rustic brick garden pavior is an aged antique replica of the old clay bricks and is a reconstituted stone product.  Designed and created in our own studio using original old-style clay bricks. If you look closely you can see the classic clay pull marks across the surface of the brick.

Thickness: 32mm


Total Cost: £1.75 Ex VAT

These traditional reconstituted stone bricks display traditional clay Terracotta colouring and are perfect for creating a decorative border around patios, vegetable patches and garden pathways. Ideally suited to traditional garden designs, these timeless clay brick replicas will add a wonderful decorative touch to your outdoor space.

1 Linear Metre = 5 Bricks
1 Square Metre = 42 Bricks

Durable and frost resistant, perfectly suited to the UK climate.
Reconstituted concrete bricks with a riven textured surface and natural hand-cut edges to replicate the look and texture of old clay bricks.
Classic brick in Terracotta. Also available as Rustic Brick Garden Pavior - Tapered. We would always recommend you see a sample to confirm the colour and texture.
Suitable for: Patio, Path, Garden Edging.
Dimensions: 220x110mm. Thickness: 32mm.
Handmade in Shropshire, UK.

The necessity of path edging

Do paths always need edging?  The short answer to this question would be no, however, path edging not only looks good, but it is practical at the same time.  Path edging helps to keep the structure of the path defined and gravel contained.  Without good edging the sides of the path would degrade, borders and weeds would creep in, and the whole path would gradually spread.

Suitability Patio, Path, Driveway
Material Concrete
Indoor, Outdoor Outdoor


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