As the summer vibes begin to fade and the days grow increasingly shorter, the garden transforms into more subtle tones and with that comes a whole new set of jobs on the garden to do list. Read on to discover lots of simple and effective autumn gardening tips to make sure your garden looks great in this season and beyond.

1 - Don't get rid of all the leaves

Falling leaves might be a pain to constantly clear up so to make the job a little easier allow some leaves to stay as they provide a much needed nutrient boost for your soil.

2 - Shop for bargain plants

It may sound crazy to look for plants at the end of the summer season but most garden centres will look to clear remaining stock and it's a great time to seek out some bargains and get them planted before the first frost.

3 - Plant your spring bulbs now

Daffodils, tulips and a host of other flowers need planting in Autumn to ensure they're popping in the next spring. It's worth checking out the RHS Bulbs & Planting Guide for inspiration and info from the best.

4 - Feed our feathered friends

As the colder temperatures arrive spare a thought for the wildlife in your garden by putting out extra seeds and fatballs. It's also worth thinking about berry carrying plants, if you don't have them already, as they provide a great source of food for wildlife as well as looking great.

5 - Use up compost

Autumn is a great time to use up some of the compost built up through the summer months. Spread an inch or so of coverage to soiled areas and lightly turn it over with a rake or hoe.

6 - Lay a new lawn

Early autumn is the best time of year to lay a new lawn, with the ground retaining some of summers warmth combined with the moisture from the first rains of autumn. Another fantastic autumn gardening tip to make sure your lawn stays in tip top condition.

7 - Clear the veg plot

If you're lucky enough to have a vegetable plot in your garden now is the time to tidy and make good after the harvest. Use as much of the green waste as possible to start rebuilding the compost heap (after spreading the compost as in point 5 above).

8 - Save seeds for spring

Collect seeds from around the garden to plant next spring. Read this seed guide for best practice when storing your seeds.

9 - Make a scarecrow

Autumn is great time to have some fun, particularly if you have younger children in the family, by making your own harvest festival style scarecrow! We found this fantastic Country Living guide which gives a few different ideas for a range of creative abilities!

10 - Plant soft fruits

Take advantage of the latent warmth in the ground by planting soft fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, to give them time to build healthy root structures for the following year.

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