In the late 19th Century it became popular to create a cottage garden packed full of colour and charm.  The creation of a small, fun, informal garden space was very much in contrast with the formal design of the large country estates.  Today, the cottage garden remains a popular choice among gardeners, and is a delightful contrast to the modern contemporary garden design of the 21st Century.  Here are 5 handy tips on how to create a cottage garden:

  1. Style- the cottage garden is informal in design, and is full of grace and charm.  No rules, so have some fun!
  2. Planting- again there are no rules, but colour and variety is key.  Classic planting will include foxgloves, roses, lavender, and delphinium;
  3. Garden paths- include a winding garden path, to create sense of wonder.  A choice of materials may include our rustic brick garden pavior, or the  sandstone setts ;
  4. Borders- edge your garden borders with traditional decorative edging;
  5.  Arches- add some height by installing a garden arch.  This could be a feature over a seating area, or as part of a rose walkway.