Before I start, I must bring to your attention that it was an article written in a Saturday newspaper by Stephen Anderton that is the inspiration behind this blog post.

Here is a direct quote from that article:

A new patio for a new year.  Tempting, isn’t it?  All paving moves gradually from smart , through to shabby-chic, until one day you realise it’s a mess……Maybe it’s time for a fresh start.  If it was a new carpet, you’d have done it years ago.

The key to a really good patio, is a solid and well prepared foundation.  It’s typical, that the most important part of the job, no one gets to see.  When you visit a neighbour’s garden, no one comments on the wonderfully prepared foundation.  However, if you desire to maintain your patio in the best looking state you have to ensure the unseen bit is up to the job.

The golden rules for the perfect patio:

  1. Prepare a sound foundation
  2. Keep the design simple. Use of random paving, is a really good way of creating an interesting effect, without being complicated
  3. Use materials and colours appropriate for the house
  4. Choose a paving unit size that will not look too busy
  5. The use of patterns should be bold and with purpose
  6. Only break up the surface with island planting if you have lots of space