We are all much more appreciative of our outdoor spaces after the past year of lockdown measures, and if you’re looking to redevelop your garden space, then it’s important to be able to blend both natural and built environments.

You want a space that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but is functional too, and fulfils the needs of those using it. A patio space can be key to creating a garden that can be utilised all year round, with solar-powered lighting and fire pits making it useable even the colder and darker months, as well as chilly spring and autumn evenings.

Positioning a patio

The position of your patio is an important consideration. Here in the UK, you will want your patio to be south facing to get the best of the sun, but you may also want to consider adding some shade for the days when it is too hot to be directly in the sun!

While many people will prefer to have their patio in the back yard or garden, close to the rear door, it may be worth reconsidering the position to see if a little further down the garden path will give you a far better patio space to unwind and relax.

Shape considerations

While patios are typically square or rectangular, organic shapes or curving forms can help make the patio feel more connected to the garden and can feel more restful than spaces with a lot of hard straight lines.

Cover and shade

The weather in the Uk can change in seconds, particularly in spring, which means it is a good idea to create some cover and shelter for the patio for when the rain rolls in. A pergola or a covered porch area can be a solution, meaning you don’t have to move the BBQ indoors when the weather turns wet.

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