As we welcome the warmer days and longer evenings this year, many of us will be venturing back into the garden. It’s time to shake off the last of the winter debris and get things ship shape for spring! Here are some tips to help get your outdoor space looking its best this year.

Clear up paths and borders

There are bound to be fallen leaves and other debris in your garden, unless you are a dedicated year-round gardener. Now is the time to clear away surface litter and rake over the soil, to help distribute moisture and nutrients. If you live in an area with naturally poor soil, consider topping it up with good quality compost or manure.

Mow the lawn

Now is the time when mowing can resume, as the grass has started to grow in earnest by this stage of the year. A freshly mown lawn instantly transforms the feel of a garden! Make sure the blades are sharp, but not set too low, as you don’t want to scalp the lawn just yet. Once the new growth is tougher and more established, you can cut shorter.

Prune and deadhead plants

Spring is the time for pruning shrubs and plants to ensure abundant flowers later in the summer. Remove any deadheads, but take care not to damage the new growth underneath. Shape bushes and shrubs by cutting back any thin straggly growth. Larger trees may be subject to planning regulations, so check with your local authority before any pruning.

Sow and plant new flowers

To add life and colour to your garden this summer, you will want to sow some eye-catching flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers, and poppies. Make sure the soil is well-turned and free from weeds and stones to give plants the best chance of growing. For an instant pop of colour, plant some ready-grown primroses and zinnias.

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