French inspired garden ideas are a wonderful blend of formal Italian and rural rustic French charm.  I was prompted to share these simple garden ideas with you after watching the final series of the Channel 4 show "Escape to the Chateau" and seeing the beautiful National Trust Hidcote flagstone crafted by Westminster Stone.  It is also a reminder that so often great gardens start with a dream. A few years ago I visited Monet Gardens in Giverny, I was struck by the vibrancy of colours and the beauty of reflective water surfaces covered in bright green water lilies.  Whether your garden is small or large use these 5 simple garden ideas to start planning your dream garden.

  1. Style– French inspired garden ideas are a blend of formal and rustic charm.  Vibrant colours;
  2. Focal point- create a focal point, does not always need to be as elaborate as Monet's bridge though;
  3. Garden paths–  even in small gardens you can add pathways to create a sense of journey through your garden;
  4. Materials- classic French designed gardens will involve stoneware and rustic paving.  Take a look at our Old Mill Flagstones;
  5.  Planting– formal planting will include boxwood hedges.  Add colour and scent with rows of lavender along the edge of formal paved or gravel, or decorative aggregate pathways .