It is so easy to overlook our front garden.  Yet, is the first thing people will see when visiting your home, or those just passing by.  Many of us will spend hours in our rear gardens creating a beautiful space to relax in.  So often the front garden at best becomes an after thought.  So here are some handy tips to consider to help you create a beautiful welcoming space.

  1. Style- every street or village has a particular look, and I feel it is better to keep the style in step with the overall appearance;
  2. Symmetry and Structure- keeping things simple is a really good way of ensuring your front garden will be welcoming.  For example if you have a central front path duplicate the design either side;
  3. Practical- give thought to any car parking space and access to your front door.  Ensure any planting is not too tall in front of any windows looking out into the street;
  4. Product choice- we supply a wide range of products suitable for your front garden and I encourage you to choose products that are in keeping with the character of your home.  For a rustic appearance take a look at our rustic brick pavior and range of gravels;
  5. Home for wildlife- please consider how your front garden can be an oasis to wildlife.  Creative planting schemes can encourage bees and butterflies to take resident.  Visit RHS advice for some ideas .