Garden brick design ideas.  The humble brick is such a versatile product and has been used widely in UK gardens for centuries.  Usually terracotta in colour, bricks are typically used in cottage garden designs with winding rustic pathways and attractive walled gardens.  Depending on the structure of your garden design the bricks can be laid to create a formal or informal pattern.  Garden bricks traditionally are fired terracotta clay bricks, often reclaimed.  There are also reconstituted stone alternatives available and are particularly popular for use in path edging, patios and paths.

Here are 5 suggestions of garden brick design ideas:

  1. Brick garden edging- you can use bricks as edging for your borders laid flat or on edge.  Brick border edging at an angle is popular with gardeners, take a look at our sawtooth brick edging;
  2. Brick path- bricks are really good for creating a winding pathway through your garden, no cutting required;
  3. Brick patio- very popular in tudor times, ideal for small courtyard gardens;
  4. Patio circle- bricks can be laid out to create a patio circle of any size.  Perfect for a small patio circle or focal point, and
  5. Patio border edging- use the terracotta rustic bricks as a border edging for your patio and add a bit of colour to your patio design.