The Herringbone pattern is most commonly used for block paving driveways, pathways and parquet flooring.  However, it may also be used to great effect for your patio.  Here are some things to consider regarding a Herringbone pattern:

  1. Products- the product needs to be a rectangle.  We supply a range of products suitable for the Herringbone pattern, namely, rustic brick garden pavior, terracotta tile siena, or 600 x 300 paving;
  2. Design- consider the key line of view.  This is important given it will determine the pattern direction.  Best visual effect is achieved when the chevrons run along the principal line of view;
  3. Base line - the base line is used to position the start of the laying pattern, and is determined by the line of view above.  Usually the base line will run parallel to the house or patio doors.
  4. 90 degree - the Herringbone pattern can be positioned 90 degrees from the base line, giving a more regulated block pattern;
  5. 45 degree - set the blocks at a 45 degree position from the base line and run the chevrons along the principal line of view.