Many of us have a love for the Mediterranean culture and certainly the weather!  Why not create a piece of the Mediterranean in your own garden, so you can enjoy the alfresco dining experience.  Or at least bring colour and vibrancy to your outdoor space.   Here are 5 handy tips on how to create a Mediterranean garden:

  1. Style– a Mediterranean garden is full of colour and rustic charm.  Create intimate spaces by dividing up larger garden areas;
  2. Paving- choose a terracotta tile paving with a rustic appearance, such as our Old Provence or Siena range;
  3. Gravels- light coloured gravels for paths or within courtyard spaces;
  4. Planting- olive trees planted in large terracotta pots, or bring colour with the frilly pink flowers of a bougainvillea;
  5. Pergola– create height and an intimate space with a well placed pergola.  Grow a grape vine or a scented jasmine to provide shade in the summer months.