How to use patterns in patio design.  Throughout the ages you can see how patterns have been used in design.  No where more than nature displays the wonderful art of pattern design, from the simple to the intricate.  When planning your outdoor space why not look to add some pattern features into your patio design.  Here are some pattern ideas to consider for your patio:

  1. Herringbone – a popular pattern used with brick and rectangular tiles.  Take a look at our Siena tile using this design.  You can set the angle at 90 degrees or at a 45 degree angle.  See an earlier garden advice post-Herringbone pattern;
  2. Basket weave – as with Herringbone, basket weave is used to great effect with bricks or rectangular paving tiles;
  3. Circular brick patterns –  clay pavers set at a slight angle, in rows following a circular pattern make a wonderful design feature;
  4. Random pattern – a random paving pattern can be created by using more than three different sized tiles and ensuring no corners meet.  Also include more than one material, for example incorporate rustic bricks into your patio design;
  5.  Shapes– think about using products that have specific shapes, for example triangle border tiles or patio circles.