Our customer Ria has kindly shared her experience of buying from Gardenstone and her lovely Japanese garden design, using our Irregular Stepping Stone in Mint and Mature Costwold Edging.

Following trying to make a Japanese style dry area in part of my garden, I was looking for some stepping stones. After some Googling I came across Gardenstone and was delighted with the Mint stepping stones; and then came also across the matured Cotswold edging whilst browsing; perfect for separating my border from my new grass, which I hadn’t previously thought about. I liked the cottage style look they offered. They both looked good quality and good value for money, and very different to other retailers products on the high street. I couldn’t resist buying both, especially as it then meant free delivery! I was delighted with the ease and speed of delivery, and had the pleasure of fitting it all in myself!

Ria M

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Buy Stepping Stones - Mint

Mint Irregular Stepping Stone is a natural stone stepping stone with a fairly smooth finish. They are durable and frost resistant in the UK climate. The Mint Irregular Stepping Stone is a classic design and has proven to be a popular choice.  Perfect for all gardens and works well with bark, gravel & grass.

Mint Irregular Stepping Stones

Buy Traditional Stone Border Edging - Mature Cotswold

Traditional stone border edging has the appearance of pieces of Cotswold stone on edge, like you would find on the old farm walls in the Cotswolds. Stone edging may be used as a coping topper on a narrow low-level garden wall. A sturdy type of edging with a width of 110mm, significantly wider than the typical garden edging. The stable base helps keep earth borders in place, and are less prone to moving out of line. This raised edging is perfect for gravel paths.

Traditional Stone Border Edging - Mature Cotswold