It can be a real challenge to make the most of a small patio space, especially if it does not form part of the main garden, or if it has been neglected by previous owners.   Here are some of our top ideas of how to make the most of your small patio.

1. Pots- you can never have too many well placed and planted up pots.  Use a mixture of sizes, colours and materials. Arrangements of groups of three pots can be very effective.  There is a wide range of pots available, but do try and choose frost free varieties so they keep well over winter in the UK. Pots can be used to grow colourful flowers or edible herbs, creating a mini kitchen garden. Adding interest and colour to any small garden design.

2. Raised Beds - You may have the option to create some raised beds along the edge of your small patio, if you do, then use this planting space to add colour and scent.  Give thought to seasonal planting schemes, to make the most of your patio throughout the year.

3. Circle patio feature- Replace tired-looking grey square patio slabs with one of our Circle patio features.  Use natural stone setts to create an attractive border. This designates a space for relaxing and dining.

4. Lighting- Clever use of garden lighting can help make your small patio more inviting to sit and relax in during the evening. Patio heaters and fire pits can ensure longevity and create a new living space. Create a cosy atmosphere with throw cushions and blankets.

5. Mirrors- Hanging an outdoor mirror on a wall helps to create an illusion of extra space and reflects the sunlight. Garden mirrors are especially useful in small courtyard gardens, on roof terraces and on limited balconies to add an extra dimension.

6. Gravel- Use gravel to break up a paved area. Gravels are ideal for use as an alternative to paved areas or paths or they can be used for edging driveways and paths. Gravel can add texture and character to your garden and are useful for wet areas to prevent puddles from forming. It is also cost-effective and low maintenance.