2021 has heralded the arrival of a wealth of new gardening books, with the effects of Covid meaning swathes of homeowners have looked to improve their own gardens. We've gathered together a list of our favourite top 5 gardening related books for 2021 that will hopefully provide inspiration and ideas for all garden lovers!

1. The Garden of Vegan - Cleve West

One of the most well known garden designers in the UK, Cleve West explains how we can all bring veganism and an altogether ethical approach to our outdoor spaces. This in depth study is full of interesting information for this growing green movement.

2. Concise Foraging Guide - Tiffany Francis-Baker

Not strictly a gardening book but certainly of interest to many garden lovers. Ideal for those who want to supplement their own fruit and veg patches by foraging locally, this new book is licensed by the Wildlife Trusts and features nearly 200 edible delicacies!

3. My Garden World - Monty Don

Britain's gardening legend presents a heart warming account of the wildlife directly around him over the course of a year. In these testing times this is a fantastic book for inspiring us all to take more interest in what is immediately on our doorsteps.

4. Gardens of the High Line - Piet Oudolf & Rick Darke

Gardens of the High Line is a richly illustrated book by the leading exponent of naturalistic planting Piet Oudolf. This is a perfect coffee table tome for garden designers and fans of modern planting techniques with incredible photographs of this beautiful New York City garden.

5. New Wild Garden - Ian Hodgson

This revised edition of Ian Hodgson's wonderful guide to naturalistic planting is a must have for any serious gardener. This book taps into the current garden trends for increasing the number of both wildflowers and wildlife in any garden design.

Main photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels